Easy To Use Apps & Websites For Your Schools Digital Strategy

Easy To Use Apps & Websites For Your Schools Digital Strategy

This workshop aims to equip teachers with a variety of digital resources such as apps and websites that can be used to support learning in the primary classroom and to address the needs of teachers to have child-friendly, accessible resources available that support their teaching rather than add to their workload. The course is designed to be practical and collaborative with time allowed for teachers to explore apps and websites, ask questions that may arise while using them and to discuss and share what has worked well for them in their own classrooms. The Digital Learning Framework (D.L.F) will be referenced during the course as all schools will be working at some level of the framework currently but it is not necessary to have prior knowledge of the D.L.F. The course will provide a brief overview of the framework but the main focus is the demonstration of resources available to support teachers in implementing Digital Strategies in their classrooms.
Overview of course content:
• Digital Learning Framework – brief outline
• Apps/websites to support Literacy
• Apps/websites to support S.E.S.E
• Apps for assessment
• Technology in use in schools – case studies & discussion
• Resources to promote internet safety 

Course Properties

Course date 31-03-2020 7:00 pm
End Date 31-03-2020 9:00 pm
Fee Free
Speaker Linda McMahon & Adrian Ormsby
Select Hours 2
Location Sligo Education Centre

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